NATURAL PRODUCTS — Chemistry and Bioactivity
  by V.K. Kapoor
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   ISBN 978-93-85529-58-0; 1st Ed. 2024, pp. viii+384

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 About The Book  

   All the living organisms, plants, microbes, animals,through meticulous enzymatic manipulations produce a large variety of natural products, rightly called as secondary metabolites. A wonderous heterogenicity in the chemical structures of the molecules yielded by nature fills us with a charasmatic feeling.

    A wealth of biodiversity still remains unexplored from chemical and pharmacological point of view. Potentially useful molecules with medicinal property might be hidden in that treasure. It offers a challenge to all those who are engaged in organic and pharmaceutical research. The book has been written to provide basic knowledge of chemistry of natural products. A concise description of a myriad of secondary metabolites biosynthesised in plants and other organism offers a testimony of marvels of nature. The requirements of the undergraduates in pharmacy have been particularly kept in view.

    The poppy capsule displayed on the cover page of the book gave the first alkaloid morphine an unsurpassable pain-reliever. The gradual semiplification of the molecule resulting in discovery of many drugs forms a golden example of development of synthetic medicinal chemistry.


 1. Introduction

 2. Carbohydrates

 3. Glycosides

 4. Lipids

 5. Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins

 6. Enzymes

 7. Nucleic Acids

 8. Flavonoids

 9. Coumarins

10. Tannins, Phenols and Phenolic Acids

11. Iridoids

12. Lignans

13. Terpenoids

14. Steroids

15. Essential Oils

16. Resins and Resin Combinations

17. Alkaloids

18. Antibiotics

19. Vitamins

20. Biotechnology and Natural Products

21. Biosynthesis of Natural Products

22. Understanding Stereochemistry

23. Isolation of Natural Products

APPENDIX : Phytoconstituents of Medicinal Use