Terms of Business

1. The above indicated local retail prices are for sale in Delhi only. The outstation prices are generally 5% up
    and printed on the books.
2. Prices are subject to change without notice.
3. All prices are ex-godown. Packing, forwarding, freight will be charged extra.
4. Send MO/DD/MCC for the books required. Add postage @ Rs 40/- for one book and Rs 10/- for each additional book.
5. Alternately, deposit in Punjab National Bank A/c No.: 1710002100011671 ; RTGS/NEFT IFS Code: PUNB0171000 ,
    under intimation to us.
6. Interest @ 24% p.a. for payments made after 15 days of the bill.
7. Books supplied to order are not returnable.
8. Our responsibility ends after the delivery to the carrying agency.
9. All disputes are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.